Staff Picks: Beatport Shares Production Starter Kit

Calling all producers: download the free production kit of over 1 GB of sounds, samples, and effects sound-packs and start creating music now.

Beatport is one of the Internet’s most trusted resources for all things electronic music: bringing DJs, producers, and fans together over new music, mixes, shows, and news; helping to develop and support electronic music’s next wave of creators.


Today, we’re partnering up with Beatport to share a new toolkit for artists: an unprecedented, totally free Production Starter Kit containing everything emerging producers need to start making music.

“Part of our commitment to supporting creator culture is lowering the barrier of entry to newcomers interested in producing and mixing music, said Clark Warner, Beatport SVP of Artist & Label Relations. “BitTorrent’s Bundle platform allows us to offer a vast collection of resources without charge in a way that is truly meaningful to anyone looking to get started, while helping our Sounds label providers reach a new audience.”

Download Beatport’s Production Starter Kit for free and get the sounds, samples, effects, and tutorials that you need to begin producing music.


Beatport: Beatport’s Production Starter Kit

Instant Download / Stream

01 Beatport Sounds Exclusive Label

02 Beatport Sounds PDF Tutorials (PDF)

03 Fader Pro Video

04 Discount Coupon - Beatport Sounds (PDF)