Staff Picks: Markus Schulz Shares Destiny Remix Bundle

To mark the release of his upcoming album “Watch the World”, the producer releases a 5-track collection of remixes.

Since its release in April of last year, “Destiny” has captured the hearts of fans across electronic music: enduring, emotional, still totally stuck in our heads. Featuring powerful vocals from Delancy, the track is ranked one of our all-time favorites in the Markus Schulz catalogue. And we’re not alone.



Following a handful of commercially-released “Destiny” remixes, the producer opened up the track to producers. Schulz’ top three takes from Maka, Justified Noise, and Oleg Gitman & Dave G are included in the new Destiny Remix Bundle, in addition to Omair Mirza and Solid Stone’s acclaimed versions. Grab the full collection here.


Markus Schulz: Destiny Remixes


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Destiny (Novaspace Remix)


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Destiny (Solid Stone Remix)

Destiny (Omair Mirza Remix)

Destiny (Oleg Gitman & Dave G Remix)

Destiny (Justified Noise Remix)