Goth Money Share Trillionaires: Chopped and Screwed

Things get screwed up.

Since forming in 2013, Goth Money has become maybe the first post-Internet music project: a network of artists who sample, surface, and somehow bring together hip hop subcultures and digital art movements. Last year’s Trillionaires (Break World Records) proved that Goth Money isn’t a genre. It’s a new geography for sound.


The only way to follow Trillionaires, maybe, was with a chopped and screwed edition of the album. The record slows, the beats get heavier, the darkness closes in, and things get weird. Listen up: Trillionaires: Chopped and Screwed is out now on BitTorrent Bundle. Grab your copy here.



Wu-Tang for the children, goth money for the world: words with MFK Marcy Mane

What is Goth Money?

It's a group. An Original Artist . Black Kray aka sick boy rari, Hunned Mil, Kane Grocerys, Karmah, Luckaleannn, MFK Marcy Mane Screwboss. We have foundation in music but also we are videographers. We got foundation in rap but we often go outside the lines. Some of the bass lines are rock but still have the trap vibe in the high hats.

Goth Money feels like it’s more about the geography of sound — texture, place, and feeling — than genre. hat messages and experiences are you going after? What inspires you?

Being original and innovative inspires me. Rap from the 90-2000s and rock , chill wave. Wu-Tang for the children, goth money for the world.

Developing our sound is a daily process because we innovate every time we touch the mic. We have to because a lot of artist copy our swag. Since we see a lot of these new guys copying us, we often switch styles.

You guys are more like a network than a group. What’s your recording process like? How do you guys collaborate across different locations?

We either in the booth together or via email, but we often link with each other across the states. Like right now Karmah is staying at my house right now and we are working on some stuff. We might send it out to others in the group to see if they want to hop on it.

Our approach was go in the lab and vibe out, smoke Kush, then write, go in the booth lay down verses, repeat until we have something that we all like.

Goth Money has been described as a movement; Trillionaires has been called an opus. Why do you think your music is striking a cord / a nerve with people right now?

I think our album is better than anything out right now. I listened to it my car the other day and was like 'this is fire'.

Chopped and screwed is sort of this mythic sub-genre: druggy, DIY, and defiant. What inspired you to do a chopped and screwed take on Trillionaires?  

I started making music via the chopped n screwed genre. my first chopped n screw mix was made on a Karaoke machine holding the tape making it go slow. Chopped n screwed influences my mixes that are out there on the net.

I am one of the best chopped n screwed DJs. I got a lot of mixes out. But when we made the album I would screw each track when we were done recording so it was destined to happen. I chop everything from Tame Impala to Lil B.

What should fans expect from this collection?

They should expect to be turned into Goth Money life supporters, and put on to a new sound.

Goth Money | Trillionaires: Chopped and Screwed

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01 Gucci Racks

03 Hell Is You Doin’

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01 Gucci Racks

02 Bank Roll

03 Hell Is You Doin’

04 Movie

05 Hurry Up

06 Bluebucks

07 On Top

08 Vice City

09 Cuban Links

10 Been That Nigga

11 Brick Walk

12 Bling Bling

13 Goth Mansion

14 Are You Still Gucci