Jarreau Vandal Shares Vandalized Edits | Strictly 4 Tha Club

The Soulection producer premieres an exclusive 18-track collection of edits, as well as his 4-track Soulection White Label EP from 2013 in advance of his upcoming EP, Suburb Superhero.

Jarreau Vandal grew up in Amsterdam, surrounded by cassettes; raised on jazz, soul, Jamiroquai and A Tribe Called Quest. At 23, his sound defies easy categorization: a lush, textured exploration of the spaces between dance and hip hop.

Vandal has only a handful of releases under his name. To tide fans over until his next EP, Suburb Superhero (expected late 2015), he’s sharing a collection of 18 edits. Listen up: Vandalized Edits: Strictly 4 Tha Club premieres today, exclusively on BitTorrent Bundle.

Jarreau Vandal: Vandalized Edits | Strictly 4 Tha Club

Instant Download

Bruk Out (Vandalized Edit) [Audio]

Saturday Love (Vandalized Edit) [Audio]

That’s Not Me (Vandalized Edit) [Audio]

Email Unlock

Girl (Vandalized Edit) [Audio]

A Milli (Vandalized Edit) [Audio]

Chacha X Kashif (Vandalized Edit) [Audio]

Coco (Vandalized Edit) [Audio]

Frozen (Old Shit)  [Audio]

Hot Nigga (Jarreau Vandal Remix)  [Audio]

My Way (Vandalized Edit)  [Audio]

Lie4 (Vandalized Edit)  [Audio]

Lotus Eater (Vandalized Edit)  [Audio]

Wiggle (Vandalized Edit)  [Audio]

Peaches (Old Shit)  [Audio]

Touch It (Vandalized Edit)  [Audio]

Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Vandalized Edit)  [Audio]

Yesterday (Old Shit)  [Audio]

Blunt After Blunt (Vandalized Edit)  [Audio]

Don’t Think About It (Soulection White Label 003) [Audio]

Perfect For Me (Soulection White Label 003) [Audio]

Saw You (Soulection White Label 003) [Audio]

Until The Dawn (Soulection White Label 003) [Audio]