Martin Gore Shares MGxMG Remix Bundle

Calling all producers: remix Martin Gore’s “Featherlight” for the chance to be featured on his upcoming EP.

April’s MG (Mute) marked the first solo, instrumental album from Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore.

Described by Pitchfork as “a careful sculpting of electricity and air”, the album creates an absorbing and emotional sonic landscape; a filmic meditation on ambient mood. Today, Gore announced a new remix EP for double 12” vinyl and digital. The vinyl will include remixes by Andy Stott, Virgil Enzinger, and Christoffer Berg, alongside two previously unreleased tracks. And the digital EP will include one new track, created by you.

Download the exclusive MGxMG Remix Bundle to unlock exclusive videos and the stems to “Featherlight”. Create your own remix version, and upload it to Soundcloud. One remix will be chosen for a feature on MG’s upcoming digital EP, out October 2nd.

The deadline for submission is August 21, with a winning remix announced August 31. Grab the stems here, and post ‘em up.

MGxMG Remix Bundle

01 “Featherlight” (Audio)

02 “Europa Hymn” (Video)

03 Martin Gore Interview (Video)

04 “Featherlight” Stems (Audio)