16 tracks and 0 fucks given: the UK battle rapper re-enters the ring.

Lunar C found underground acclaim trading verses and fighting words in the UK battle scene, with more than a million people tuning in to his sets on YouTube. In 2012, the rapper hung up his gloves, and exited the stage; we thought, maybe, for good.


This year, Lunar  came back to battle rap, destroying O Shea at a sold-out Ministry of Sound. To mark his return, he’s sharing Breakdown Rebuild: sixteen new tracks of grime and grim wit. Grab the Bundle, and unlock the mixtape.

Breakdown Rebuild

01 Pocket Full Of Fuckall (Audio)

02 1000 Bitches feat. Dream McLean (Audio)

03 No Pain / Evolve and Adapt (Audio)

04 Cool As Fuck (Audio)

05 Moams feat. Burgundy Blood (Audio)

06 Upside Down (Audio)

07 Shnaffleberry (Audio)

08 Hang (Audio)

09 My Sister Is A Slag feat. Tommy Dockerz (Audio)

10 Mate Of A Mate feat. Lee Scott and Dirty Dike (Audio)

11 Breakdown Rebuild (Audio)

12 New Beginnings (Audio)

13 Die Old (Audio)

14 Strictly Indo (Audio)

15 Raise (Audio)

16 New World (Audio)