First Listen: Ho99o9 Shares Horrors of 1999 EP

Punk and possessioncore in the debut collection from the LA-based duo.

Ho99o9 (pronounced “horror”) are punk rock’s unholy heirs: unsettling, uncompromising, the stuff that sticks in your head but also haunts your nightmares. In late 2014, the duo rose to acclaim with a brief, discordant collection of tracks (Mutant Freax) and bone-crushing live performances. Horrors of 1999, out today via FAMILY, marks Ho99o9’s first official EP. Listen with the lights on.

Ho99o9: Horrors of 1999 EP

No Regrets (Audio)

Day of Vengeance (Audio)

Private Parts (Audio)

P.O.W. / Prisoners of War (Audio)

Gates of Torment (Audio)

Savage Heads (Audio)

Ho99o9 Video Trilogy (Video** Exclusive Download)

Photo Collection (Art** Exclusive Download)

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