Electro hip-hop producer Gramatik is back to Bundle after a number of successful Bundle releases in 2014.  The Condor Bundle, out today, marks Gramatik and his Lowtemp label’s first official film release.  Directed by Nina Varano, The Condor is a provocative ten-minute thriller filmed in Gramatik's hometown of Piran, Slovenia.

"As a musician, being involved in movies was always a logical next step,” explains Gramatik.  “In my mind, I think audible art is not really complete without visual art, and vice versa. The ultimate audio/visual experience is obviously movies. What I like about stories like The Condor are the conversations they start. I always liked stories that I don’t understand at first, even stories that frustrate me.”

To accompany the new short-film, Gramatik has included a 13 song soundtrack scored by Gramatik and Luxas which features Gramatik's unreleased new single Corporate Demons.   In addition, fans who download The Condor Bundle will unlock a collection of unreleased bonus tracks and his latest single, Native Son feat. Raekwon and Orlando Napier, which was recently debuted onstage at Coachella.

‘The Condor’ is a story to demonstrate the dichotomy of power within our own minds; between what’s real and what is perceived. We all play tricks on ourselves to convince our minds of the validity of our own past and present. We tell ourselves stories. We make our minds at ease through willfulness, like a mother protecting her child. This is a reminder to step out of our armor and realize the difference in realities; to be bold enough to see yourself objectively. This is what real power, and real courage means.
— Nina Varano, Director, The Condor

Download The Condor Bundle to the unlock the new film from director Nina Varano, Gramatik and Lowtemp Film alongside a collection new music, photos and more from Gramatik.  Get it here.


The Condor Bundle

01 The Condor (Prelude Teaser) [Video]

02 Gramatik - Native Son Feat. Rawkwon & Orlando Napier [Music]

03 The Condor (2015) 1080p  [Video]

04 Gramatik & Luxas - The Condor OST  [Music]

05 Bonus Gifts [Music]

06 The Condor Photo Stills [Photos]