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Ryan Karazija’s atmospheric project explores new sonic territory in an exclusive digital collection of remixed tracks spanning 2011 - 2014.

In Ryan Karazija’s work under Low Roar, every song is exploration — a meditation on sound, atmosphere, and the spaces between. The project’s self-titled debut, produced by GRAMMY award-winning engineer Andrew Scheps, was sprawl and solitude; the landscape of Karazija’s adopted home in Iceland. In 2014, Low Roar released the critically-acclaimed 0; trading Reykjavik for a year on the road with Hozier, Asgeir, and Active Child.


For an artist who never stops exploring, an album is only a starting point. Low Roar’s Remix EP+ is a curated collection of re-imagined tracks, spanning two albums and four years. Download the  Bundle for $6.99 to unlock the Remix EP+, featuring six tracks, a 40-minute live recording of the band at Iceland Airwaves featuring Icelandic string quartet Amiina, and an exclusive, unreleased acoustic track, “Without You”.

Low Roar: Remix EP+

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Nobody Loves Me Like You (Danny Saber Remix) [Audio]

Vampire On My Fridge (Farao Remix) [Audio]

$6.99 Remix EP

Breath In (Carmen Rizzo Remix) [Audio]

Easy Way Out (NüTrik Remix) [Audio]

Just A Habit (H^RTLEY Remix) [Audio]

Please Don’t Stop (Scheps Remix) [Audio]

Live At Gamla Bíó [Audio]

Without You (Acoustic Demo) [Audio]