Soulection Shares White Label Archive

The Sound of Tomorrow is here: the LA-based collective brings a living archive of all White Label releases, and bonus tracks, to BitTorrent Bundle.

Soulection is maybe the first post-digital label: a community that grew up online; that grew together in search of the rare, the crazy, the far-out edges and spaces of sound. Today, Soulection spans a network of 28 artists and DJs, whose output challenges genre norms and easy labels. Call it “conscious music”. For Soulection, The Sound of Tomorrow is immaculately curated flow: tracks that pull you into reality, not away from it. 

For the past two years, the collective’s White Label Series has been a window into what’s next in music. Today, we’re sharing a living archive for the series, featuring 4 tracks from SWL 016 by Monte Booker, SWL’s 001 - 015 releases, the Stussy X Soulection compilation, and a special thank you to fans. The Bundle will be continuously updated as new SWL records drop.

Listen up. The sound of tomorrow is here. Stay tuned for updates.

Soulection: White Label Series

Instant Download / Stream

01 Monte Booker - Flight

02 Monte Booker - Kolors Ft. Smino

03 Monte Booker - Homealone

04 Monte Booker - Baby Ft. Ravyn Lenae

Email Unlock

01 SWL 001: Lakim

02 SWL 002: Da-P

03 SWL 003: Jarreau Vandal

04 SWL 004: starRo

05 SWL 005: Zikomo

06 SWL 006: Mikos Da Gawd

07 SWL 007: Losco

08 SWL 008: Tom Misch

09 SWL 009: AbJo

10 SWL 010: J-Louis


12 SWL 012: Singularis

13 SWL 013: oriJanus

14 SWL 014: Chris McClenney

15 SWL 015: Louie Lastic

16 Soulection Tones

17 Stussy X Soulection Compilation

18 Thank You