Staff Picks: Them&Us | Chapter 1: And So It Begins

5 tracks of thrashing electro-pop in the debut EP from former Basement Jaxx vocalist Ami Carmine and Killa Kela.

Them&Us, a new project from Lee Michael (aka beatbox pioneer Killa Kela) and vocalist Ami Carmine, explores love, conflict, and deep dark bass. Chapter 1: And So It Begins marks the duo’s ambitious first EP, featuring five tracks of driving electro-pop. Download the Bundle to unlock the full EP, including an exclusive bonus track, “Safe Places”. And remember: this is only the first chapter. The duo’s next EP is slated for release in late November. Stay tuned.

Them&Us | Chapter 1: And So It Begins

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01 Safe Place (MP3) [Exclusive]

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01 And So It Begins (MP3)

02 Ami’s Theme (MP3)

03 Sleep Talk (MP3)

04 Happily Never After (MP3)

05 Lost Our Heads (MP3)

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