Friday Download: Comets We Fall

In this edition of Friday Download: indie disco from rising LA-based producer Comets We Fall. The Embark EP is five new tracks of shimmering sound and dream sequences; the audio equivalent of holding hands. It’s out today via BitTorrent Bundle. Download Embark, and unlock five new tracks, the EP acapellas, plus remix-able stems from “Meteors”.

Comets We Fall: Embark

01 Embark (feat. Centuries) [Audio]
02 Meteors (feat. Grayson Sanders) [Audio]
03 Together We Are (feat. Coleman Trapp) [Audio]
04 Voices (feat. Neil Ormandy) [Audio]
05 State of Mind (feat. Novelette) [Audio]
06 Embark EP Cover [Art]
07 Embark Acapellas (5 tracks) [Audio]
08 Meteors Remix Stems [Audio]
09 Embark WAVs [Audio]