Staff Picks: Hot Sugar

In this edition of Staff Picks: a 33-track catalogue from New York's avant-garde producer Hot Sugar (aka Nick Koenig). Nick Koenig captures the world around us, sampling the everyday sounds we often overlook, offering them a unique musical identity. He's grabbed a Grammy nom for his dreamy contribution to The Roots' Undun, racked up collabs with Antwon, D.V.S. and KOOL AD of Das Racist, and earned a sit-down with Neil Degrasse-Tyson to talk “associative music”. Now the experimental beat-maker has brought his entire collection to BitTorrent Bundle.


Check out the Skeletons Bundle to view an exclusive video preview of the Bundle. Enter your email to unlock the formidable 33-track collection of every rap instrumental produced by Hot Sugar.

Photo Credits: Scott Stoner

Hot Sugar: Skeletons

01 Skeletons 33 Track Collection [Audio]
02 Skeletons Trailer Video [Video]
03 Hot Sugar Social Media Swag Kit [Artwork]