Staff Picks: Alvin Risk

“I have traveled a long way to this impasse. I have been through mirrors, fallouts, knives, secrets, and oceans.” So begins the video that announced Alvin Risk’s 5th EP, Venture. We had no choice but to follow.

Venture began aboard planes, buses, cars, ships and trains. It was recorded in hotel rooms, studios, headphones and laptops throughout the world. It’s been cut, resampled, written and re-done, torn down, started over, rebuilt, and remixed. Ideas chased down to their dead ends, some leading to more mazes, some traversing dimensions, and a few leading right back to where they began.
Alvin Risk

Since 2010, Risk has made a name for himself as one of electronic’s most adventurous producers. In the words of LessThan3: “if ever there was a man who didn’t give a fuck about genres, it was Alvin Risk". Risk’s work spans hard dance, dubstep, house, and moombahton. Venture, revealed over the course of a series of leaks, promises to be the artist’s most complex musical narrative yet. Listen for yourself. Download the Bundle, and unlock Venture.

Alvin Risk: Venture

01 Alone [Audio]
02 Dark Heart [Audio]
03 Safe [Audio]
04 Monsters [Audio]
05 Wave [Audio]
06 Dark Heart Instrumental [Audio]
07 Venture GIFs [Art]
08 Venture Images [Art]