Buckle Up, Under the Table Season One Premieres

You’re going to want to binge watch this.

Meet Riley, Ang, and Lisa the leading ladies of Under The Table and your new BFFs.  They’re a group of lovably batshit crazy, perpetually drunk Los Angeles degenerates who make the Abbi and Ilana look well adjusted. These down-on-their luck ladies come up with the only logical solution to their financial woes – bootlegging their own hooch. Only to discover that what doesn’t kill you... probably hurts a lot.

Under the Table is the brainchild of Andra Whipple, Lauren Davis, and Hanna Bowens who all met while working at CollegeHumor.  "This series was born out of frustration with the lack of diverse female representation in the media. We wanted to see women who were multi­dimensional: smart, lazy, aggressive, flawed, and funny." says co­-writer and producer Lauren Davis, “but the most amazing part was the collaboration we had between so many talented women both on and off the camera.”

This is their first project together and we hope it is not their last.  Season One debuts on BitTorrent June 6th where you can enjoy all five episodes and off the wall bonus clips.

Under the Table: Season One

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01 Under The Table Promo

02 Episode 1: The Idea

03 Episode 2: The Responsible Thing To Do

04 Episode 3: Badvertising


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01 Fish Song

02 Episode 4: Pinteresting

03 Episode 5: The Bad Batch

04 Behind the Scenes: Under the Table

05 BONUS CONTENT Lisa's Vlog on Gnomes.mp4

06 BONUS CONTENT Lisa's Vlog on Romance.mp4