Kids, don’t try this at home (or do and spark a cult phenom?)

Circulated underground on bootleg VHS tapes for years -- this is the project you may have heard about but never seen, until now. When genre director Eli Roth saw it, he flipped his lid and slipped a copy to Ain’t It Cool News founder Harry Knowles as a birthday gift. The rest became cult history. It’s a story that has to be seen to be believed, and now you can (with all the extras bundled in too).

The pitch is simple: imagine Steven Spielberg’s 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark remade shot-for-shot by a bunch of Mississippian boys over the course of seven grueling summers. They shot every scene except one: the explosive airplane scene. A personal, epic love letter to a true modern classic, Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made tells the story of how childhood friends Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb reunite to recall the incredible journey, as well as complete the passion project they'd started over 25 years before.


Real snakes, dangerous car chases, youthful indiscretion, inadvisable pyrotechnics and explosions gone catastrophically wrong are guaranteed. Pay what you want for the premium Bundle and unlock the full feature film, behind the scene outtakes, and over an hour of deleted scenes including a Q&A interview following the official Raiders! adaptation debut at the Alamo Drafthouse in 2003, available exclusively on BitTorrent.

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Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made Trailer

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Raiders! - Feature - HD.mp4
02 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - Indy's Gun..and the Schematics - HD.mp4
03 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - The Spielberg Letter - HD.mp4
04 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - Sneaking Into the Theater - HD.mp4
05 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - The Last 48 Hours - HD.mp4
06 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - Kickstarting with Chris' Family - HD.mp4
07 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - The Marion Situation - HD.mp4
08 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - Editing and Fighting - HD.mp4
09 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - Prepping the Airplane - HD.mp4
10 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - Early Camera Trouble - HD.mp4
11 Raiders! - Deleted Scene - The Shotgun Story - HD.mp4
12 Raiders! - Extras - Alamo Q&A - HD.mp4
13 Raiders! - Extras - Adaptation Outtakes - HD.mp4


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