Blurring the lines between truth and fiction in the Director’s Cut of the first Snapchat horror flick.

In May, strange things started happening on Andrea Russett’s Snapchat account. What looked like a roadtrip with the social star and her friends began to go seriously, scarily, off the rails. And in realtime, we watched a horror film unfold across our smartphone screens. Sickhouse, produced by Indigenous Media, and written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Hannah Macpherson, explores the blurring lines between fact and fiction in online spaces. The film premiered in real-time on Snapchat in 10-second clips over the course of 5 days.. Today, we’re sharing the Director’s Cut, featuring original artwork, behind-the-scenes stills, and a special video intro from the cast. Watch it here, maybe with the lights on.


Indigenous Media: Sickhouse (Director’s Cut)


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00 Sickhouse Trailer (Video)

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