Nick Peterson Film Collection: Drained & MuM

Indie filmmaker Nick Peterson releases a collection of short films and never before seen footage as he fundraises for his latest project Sticky Fingers on Kickstarter.

For the first time, download award winning short films by Nick Peterson including MuM, the haunting Tim Burton-esque 35mm stop-motion short and Drained, a dark telling of a poisoned relationship.


Included in the premium Bundle, you’re going to want to check out the Nick’s director commentary and making of Drained where Nick and Producer Jon Heder breakdown how they shot the film with still photographs at a speed of 8 frames per second.

The Film of Nick Peterson

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01 Drained Trailer

02 MuM Trailer

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01 Drained Full Movie

02 MuM Full Movie

03 Drained Director Commentary

04 Drained Behind The Scenes

05 A Very Short Making of Drained