Education at its Highest: Inside The Preppie Connection

Based on the true story of students who smuggled $300K of uncut cocaine into the US, The Preppie Connection chronicles drugs, sex, and scandal at a private school in 1984. We go behind the scenes.                        

On April 23, 1984, Derek Oatis, 17, landed at JFK. Minutes later, he was arrested. He had over a pound of pure, uncut cocaine in his possession. Not your average spring break haul, unless you went to Choate to in the 80s.

ased on Oatis’ experience, The Preppie Connection, directed by Joseph Castelo, is the unbelievable true story of a private school drug ring; following Toby (Thomas Mann), a scholarship student, who finds an in with the rich kid crowd at school. (Hint: give them cocaine.) What started as small-time dealing spirals into international drug trafficking, as he leads his friends into the dangerous world of Colombian drug cartels. The Preppie Connection is a stranger than fiction look at the price of popularity.

Today, we’re sharing an inside look at The Preppie Connection, featuring 7 preview videos, stills, art, deleted scenes with The Fat Jew, and music from the soundtrack by Sam Bisbee. Unlock the Bundle here.

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The Preppie Connection


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00 The Preppie Connection Trailer (Video)

01 The Preppie Connection Poster (Art)

02 The Fat Jew - Deleted Scenes (Video)

03 Sam Bisbee: Undone (Music Video)

04 Clip: NYC Trip (Video)

05 Clip: Dorm Auction (Video)

06 Clip: Customs Agent Video)

07 Clip: Dennis (Video)

08 Clip: Get The Cash (Video)

09 Clip: Lunch With Dennis (Video)

09 Clip: Mad Tugger (Video)

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12 Social Media Cards (Art)


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