Staff Picks: Steven Tiralongo | Pipe Dreams

The surf filmmaker documents the break at Banzai, and things get wavy.

The North Shore of Oahu is breath-taking, and for the experienced surfer, riding the huge, hollow waves at Banzai Pipeline is equal parts thrilling and dangerous; many have died there as waves break just above a large coral reef.

At the site, onlookers enjoy watching the pros do their thing, but what about us at home who are missing out? Well, have no fear. Filmmaker Steven Tiralongo comes to our rescue with his truly awesome overhead view of the action.


For Tiralongo, shooting Banzai has been a lifelong dream. “I’ve been addicted to board sports since I was a kid. I relocated to the island three years ago, right around the same time civilian drone technology was emerging. I found that the aerial perspective provides a unique and unforgettable experience for viewers. Capturing and sharing surf footage from Oahu's North Shore is my passion.”

In Tiralongo’s films, it’s easy to see why. Unlock Pipe Dreams for $1.99 to get the full feature film, plus bonus videos and photos.


Steven Tiralongo: Pipe Dreams


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01 Pipe Dreams Trailer (Video)

02 Jay Davis: Wave of the Winter (Video)

03 Anthony Walsh (Video)

04 Taichi Wakita Shacked at Pipeline (Video)

05 Longboard Left - What Pipeline Lifeguards Do On Break (Video)


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01 Pipe Dreams (Video)

02 Curling Off the Wall (JPG)

03 Fire in the Sky (JPG)

04 Northshore Secrets - Grave Skate (JPG)

05 Pipeline Inspiration (JPG)

06 Surfing into the Sunset (JPG)

07 The Calm Between Sets (JPG)

08 Mokuleia Dreaming (JPG)

09 Perfect Pipe - High Def Instagram Clip - Share and Enjoy (Video)

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