Staff Picks: Mark Tipple | Ocean : Life

The filmmaker documents man’s unshakable bond with the ocean, through thick and thin.

Australian documentary photographer and filmmaker Mark Tipple is passionate about all things aquatic; especially chronicling man’s relationship with the sea. Tipple says, “The ocean both scares and comforts me.” Adding, “The ocean connects us all, as without it there is no life.”

Regarding his release through BitTorrent Bundle, Tipple says, “”From disabled surfers, to freedivers, to social entrepreneurs, to nomadic wanderers; there are so many lifestyles that are based around the ocean, and each has their own story.  Ocean : Life is a short film series derived from The Underwater Project photo series, to see how people live in the way of the ocean.”

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Mark Tipple: Ocean : Life


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01 Duct Tape Surfing (Video)

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