New Bundle goes inside the world of Leonard Nimoy, in support of the upcoming doc’s crowd funding campaign.


Last November, filmmaker Adam Nimoy embarked on a journey to document the evolution of Mr. Spock, and the man who played him for fifty years: his father. Together, the two began work on the project. In February, Leonard Nimoy passed away. For the Love of Spock captures the life and legacy of a legendary actor, iconic alien, and real, human dad. Support the project on Kickstarter. And subscribe to the BitTorrent Bundle for updates from the filmmaker, plus exclusive content from the documentary, including the original call sheet from Star Trek episode “The Naked Time”.

For the Love of Spock

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02 Letter from Adam Nimoy (PDF)

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01 Behind-the-scenes Photo (Art)

02 On “Outer Limits” from Leonard and Adam Nimoy (PDF)

03 “The Naked Time” Call Sheet (PDF)