On the Secret Life of Sneakerheads

Complex shares exclusive 3-season Quickstrike digital box set.

The concept of Complex’s long-running Quickstrike video series was simple enough—get two longtime sneaker aficionados together to talk about what they liked (and didn't like) in sneakers. It turned into so much more.

DJ Clark Kent and Russ Bengtson hosted a three-season run that featured guests from Spike Lee to Fabolous, went on the road from Teaneck, NJ to Portland, Oregon, and discussed everything from the birth of Air Jordan to the ins and outs of customizing. Sure, the focus of each individual episode was on whatever was coming out that following weekend, but in doing so Quickstrike gave a much broader view on sneaker culture as a whole—even as it contributed to it. Like Inception, only with sneakers.


Today, Complex is bringing the deluxe 3-series Quickstrike box set to BitTorrent Bundle.  Watch Season 3 Episode 2 (on the art and culture of sneaker collabs) for free. Then, enter your email to stream or download the full series box set.

Complex: Quickstrike Box Set

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Quickstrike Season 3, Ep. 2: Raf Simons x Adidas Originals Stan Smith (Video)

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Quickstrike: Season 1 (15 Videos)

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Quickstrike: Season 3 (10 Videos)

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