Friday Download: Spike Island

Their band could be your life: behind the scenes of the new indie drama about rock and redemption in 1990s Manchester.

On love, rock, and demo tapes. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Elliott Tittensor (UK’s Shameless) star in this coming-of-age story about five kids in search of their big break into the UK alt scene. In the days leading up to The Stone Roses’ show at Spike Island, their band hatches a plan to hand off a demo to their rock idols. But tickets to the concert fall through, and the band is forced to take extreme measures to sneak in.

Spike Island, directed by Mat Whitecross, comes to US theaters and VOD today. Your first look is here. Download the Spike Island Bundle for an exclusive preview of the film: featuring video, music, art and more.

Spike Island: BitTorrent Bundle Preview

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01 Spike Island: Official Trailer [Video]

02 Spike Island: Exclusive Preview [Video]

03 Spike Island: Theatrical Poster [Art]

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01 Exclusive Shadowcaster Band Session [Video]

02 Mile Smile Song (Shadowcaster) [Audio]

03 Spike Island: Exclusive Scene [Video]

04 Spike Island: Zippy Drumming [Video]

05 Spike Island: Extended Aftermath & Keith Teeth [Video]

06 Spike Island: Extended It’s Not Where You’re At… [Video]

07 Spike Island: Extended Ten Mile Smile Band Session [Video]

08 Spike Island: The Whole Story [PDF]

09 Spike Island: Curated Photo Set [Art]