Bundle Premiere: Stream or Download the First Season of That Start Up Show

The Australian reality series captures innovation culture. Unlock the first season, exclusively on BitTorrent Bundle.

What does it take to start your own business? To break down stereotypes? To build a brand? To kickstart a culture? That Start Up Show, hosted by Al Jazeera+’s Dan Illic, explores the current issues and events impacting tech, through sketch comedy, interviews, and the true-life stories of entrepreneurs in search of the Next Big Idea.


That Start Up Show’s original pilot premiered on Youtube to more than 100K viewers, and was named one of the Top Ten Australian Start Ups of 2014. Today, the entire first season is available exclusively on BitTorrent Bundle. Download or stream the first two episodes for free. Unlock the full six-episode season for $2.99.

That Start Up Show was created by Anna Reeves, and produced with Sally Gatenby and Ahmed Salama; award-winning Executive Producer of 2011’s “The Tunnel”, the first commercial feature film to be distributed via BitTorrent, with over 15 million downloads.

That Start Up Show: Season 1

Instant Download / Stream

Episode 1: What the &^*^* is a Start Up?  (Video)

Episode 2: Show me the Money: Putting Adventure Back into Venture Capital (Video)

$2.99 Download / Stream

Episode 3: Purpose, Passion & People - The Best Capital You'll Ever Raise (Video)

Episode 4: This Start Up Life (Video)

Episode 5: The New Breed of CEO & Who's Advising Them (Video)

Episode 6: Companies that [will] Change the World (Video)