Underdogs rule, in the first installment of the indie fantasy epic.

The Mythica trilogy marks a milestone for indie fantasy: a film series made by RPG fans, for RPG fans. The first feature, Mythica: A Quest for Heroes, was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, with a March 31 premiere on CONtv. If you haven’t yet caught the film: let’s get you caught up.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes follows the adventures of Marek, an aspiring wizard trapped in a life of servitude. When Marek meets a beautiful priestess in need of help, she sees her chance to escape; assembling a team of warriors and thieves to embark on an epic quest.

Mythica captures the experience and the culture of RPG, with the added bonus of strong, complex female leads. It’s also just a kickass story. Pay what you want to download or stream Mythica: A Quest for Heroes on BitTorrent Bundle. You’ll also get a sneak peek at the next installment, Mythica: The Darkspore, coming out later this year on CONtv.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

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