This Miami Horror "Stranger" Remix Contest Sounds Amazing

A little over a year ago Australia-based group Miami Horror released their All Possible Futures album, and since then they’ve been traveling the world playing their trademark brand of uptempo pop/dance music tinged with hints of darkness.

While “Stranger,” featuring Future Unlimited, was a standout cut from the album it was never released as a single, until today. Fans looking to turn their next house party into a dance off can now stream and download the song via BitTorrent Now.

Then, for bonus points producers everywhere can also join in on the festivities with the official “Strangers” remix contest. Pun Alert: The prizes sound amazing.

Here’s how it it’s all going down:

  1. Download the stems for “Stranger”
  2. Put your own unique spin on the song, the more creative the better
  3. Email a public, streaming SoundCloud link of your remix to The submission deadline is October 12, 2016.
  4. The band will select two winners.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for. The prizes....

One first place will receive brand new SE5 studio monitors, along with a pair of Z55 headphones, and one second place winner will receive the Z55 headphones.

Make some amazing music and you’ll get hooked up with elite sound equipment that will help you make even more amazing-er music. Everybody wins, except for perhaps the cops who have to break up that aforementioned house party.

Good luck, check out Miami Horror’s All Possible Futures album, out now, and dance on my friends, dance on.