Friday Download: Melissa B.

Virginia-born R&B singer and self proclaimed girl geek shares Feel Good mixtape. Tracks feature guest spots from Eazi Money, Paulie, Vicky Victoria, Quill Quasar, and Gabby Brielle.

Melissa B. calls her sound "futuristic R&B pop". In Feels Good, her latest mixtape, it's gauze and strength in equal measure; part Sade, part Mary J. Blige, 100% sharp (she's also a network engineer and an activist for women working in tech). Download the Bundle to unlock the 9-track mixtape. We promise it feels good. :) 




Melissa B: Feels Good Mixtape

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01 Feels Good - Intro.mp3

02 What You Gonna Say.mp3


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01 Feels Good - Intro.mp3

02 What You Gonna Say.mp3

03 Dealer - feat. Eazi Money.mp3

04 Waiting for Ya.mp3

05 I Dare You - Interlude feat. Paulie.mp3

06 See You Again.mp3

07 Moonlight - feat. Vicky Victoria.mp3

08 Lets Shine feat. Quill Quasar.mp3

09 Phoenix - Interlude feat. Gabby Brielle.mp3