Staff Picks: Halos Premieres 2 New Tracks in A Compendium Bundle

The LA-based band serves up exclusive songs ‘Jericho’ and ‘River Delta’. Also included are several tracks from their upcoming album 'Stay Within Yourself’, the debut LP 'Living Like Kings In Confined Spaces', and EP 'The Renegade'.

Restless in Long Island, New York and in need of a change, Dan Lyman got in his van and made his way out to California, writing songs in parking lots along the way and dreaming of putting together a killer band. Couch surfing at friends places and digging into the LA music scene eventually led to meeting the other guys that would flesh out his band Halos.

Sonically, the group has been described as a cross between the anthemic, rising choruses of U2, Coldplay, and Brand New and the intimate, lyrical effusions of writers like Bob Dylan and Conor Oberst. Now they’ve partnered with us to release A Compendium which contains the exclusive to BitTorrent tracks ‘Jericho’ and ‘River Delta’, plus new album tracks, their first full length LP, and follow up EP.

Halos: A Compendium

Instant Download / Stream

01 Jericho (mp3)

02 Planet W (mp3)

03 Cardinals (mp3)

04 Quiet Cannon (mp3)

05 River Delta (mp3)


$3.99 Unlock

Living Like Kings In Confined Spaces LP

01 Hekla (mp3)

02 Helium (mp3)

03 Living Like Kings (mp3)

04 Amalgam (mp3)

05 Crutches (mp3)

06 Never Never Land (mp3)

07 Breaking Windows (mp3)

08 Equilibrium (mp3)

09 Stop Believing In Me (mp3)

10 A Rowboat In the Perfect Storm (mp3)

11 Glass Slippers (mp3)

12 Land Mine (mp3)

+ Cover art


The Renegade EP

01 Renegade Resolve (mp3)

02 Time Machine (mp3)

03 Pool Hall (mp3)

04 Creative Kilns (mp3)

+ Cover art


Stay Within Yourself

01 Jericho (mp3) + Cover art

02 River Delta (mp3) + Cover art

03 Quiet Cannon (mp3) + Cover art

04 Cardinals + (mp3) + Cover art

05 Planet W (mp3) + Cover art


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