Staff Picks: Stolen Babies share 10th Anniversary Release Bundle

The flamboyant, macabre, genre-bending ensemble celebrate a decade of their decadent debut.

“This! That! This! That! Call us whatever you want…just don’t call us late for dinner,” joke the members of Stolen Babies.

Attempting to describe their sound is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, but as the band sees it, they’re “Quirky Prog-Pop-Art Rock-Avant Garde-Cabaret Metal-Horror Punk, with a tinge of Industrial, Goth, and Dark Wave.”


With theatrical roots, Stolen Babies formed out of  a 12+ piece performance troupe called The Fratellis. Horns blared, giant dolls popped out of toy boxes, squabbles were had, and babies were stolen, which turned into flies and fed to giant spiders. Eventually, the theatrics ended, but the core of the group stayed together to write more emotionally centered songs under a new band name taken from one of The Fratellis’ skits entitled, "Stolen Babies."

Today, Stolen Babies are partnering with BitTorrent Bundle to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Release of their debut album "There Be Squabbles Ahead" with a free download of the full LP, along with a promo video for their upcoming limited vinyl release. PWYW ($1.OO minimum) and also get the album artwork, plus a comic strip of the song “Spill.”

Lurking in the shadows of the future is something massive…and Stolen Babies are on the case.


Stolen Babies: 10th Anniversary Release


Instant Download / Stream

01 Spill! (Audio)

02 Awful Fall (Audio)

03 Filistata (Audio)

04 A Year Of Judges (Audio)

05 So Close (Audio)

06 Tablescrap (Audio)

07 Swint? or Slude? (Audio)

08 Mind Your Eyes (Audio)

09 Lifeless (Audio)

10 Tall Tales (Audio)

11 Push Button (Audio)

12 Gathering Fingers (Audio)

13 The Button Has Been Pushed (Audio)

14 Stolen Babies Vinyl Promo (Video)


PWYW ($1.00 minimum)

01 Stolen Babies Spill Comic (JPG)

02 Squabbles Cover (JPG)

03 Stolen Babies TBSA 1 (JPG)

04 Stolen Babies TBSA 2 (JPG)

05 Stolen Babies TBSA Booklet 1 (JPG)

06 Stolen Babies TBSA Booklet 2 (JPG)