Staff Picks: AWOLNATION Shares Summer Tour Bundle

On the road with Aaron Bruno, Death From Above, and IRONTOM.

AWOLNATION broke out into pop consciousness with 2011’s “Sail”, a dark, startlingly confessional piece of synth rock that spent 79 weeks on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. For AWOLNATION”s Aaron Bruno, the only way to follow up was to run. 2015’s Run saw the band stretching into new sonic territories, and exploring new genres. Bruno might blame it on his ADD, but we’re better for it.

In June, the band will head back out on tour, with special guests Death From Above and IRONTOM. Today, we’re giving fans a live preview of what’s to come. Download AWOLNATION’s Summer Tour Bundle to unlock free music, video, and more - including an exclusive giveaway of “Wichita Panama” and the band’s tour diary. Tickets to upcoming shows right here.


Red Bull Records: AWOLNATION Summer Tour Bundle


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01 AWOLNATION: Witchita Panama [Audio]


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01 AWOLNATION: Witchita Panama [Audio]

02 IRONTOM: Be Bold Like Elijah [Audio]

03 Death From Above: Trainwreck [Audio]

04 AWOLNATION: Hollow Moon (Live Performance) [Video]

05 AWOLNATION: Sail (Live Performance) [Video]

06 AWOLNATION: Photo Diary [Art]