MUTEMATH Launches “Monument” Remix Project

Download the Bundle, unlock the stems, and do your thing.

In 2015, New Orleans alt outfit MUTEMATH dropped Vitals, their first album in four years. There was no label, no management, no producer. Vitals was totally self-made, and it reverberates with urgency and ambition; the sound of a band coming into their own, and owning it.

The synth swells and confessional undertows of Vitals find their anchor in “Monument”: a track about loss, memory, and moving forward. Everyone in the band agrees that Vitals became an album the day they wrote “Monument’. Today, “Monument” is yours to rewrite.

A monument usually signifies a memorialization for what is no more. This song is about taking control of the moments we still have, while we still have them together. The threat of an ending is nothing to be afraid of, but something that can be turned into beauty and serve as a vibrant means to keep moving forward.
— Paul Meany, MUTEMATH


We’re partnering with MUTEMATH to share an exclusive Monument Remix Bundle, featuring the track’s original stems. Download the Bundle, create your own version, and upload it to the Soundcloud remix group. The band will include their favorite track on an upcoming official release.

Download the MUTEMATH Remix Project Bundle.

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Listen to Monument (Tim Gunter Remix), premiering today on Run The Trap.