First Listen: The Polish Ambassador

Unlock the new 12-track Pushing Through The Pavement Remix album from The Polish Ambassador on BitTorrent Bundle.

Last summer, electronic producer, environmental activist and community organizer The Polish Ambassador released his latest LP Pushing Through The Pavement on BitTorrent Bundle.  The interstellar digital archive featured the producer's entire catalog, videos, photos, and his brand new album showcasing TPA's electro-infused, world music influenced, high energy brand of dance music.  Today, the producer is back to Bundle with the Pushing Through The Pavement Remix album.  Comprised of tracks from world-renowned DJ's and remix contest winners alike, the 12-track album is available today on BitTorrent Bundle.  Download the first three tracks for free, then enter your email to unlock the full album in MP3 or WAV format.  Get these tracks onto your stereo and let the intergalactic dance party ensue.


Free Bundle

01 Let The Rhythm Just (eI & Krystyn Remix)

02 Koyelia (Scott Nice Remix)

03 Sri Gurvastakam ft. Kirtaniyas (DAD Remix)

Email Subscription

04 Let the Rhythm (Mr. Rogers Remix)

05 Gathering of the Tribes (saQi Remix)

06 Sonido Del Sol Ft. Ryan Herr & Saqi (Roboclip Remix)

07 Sri Gurvastakam (Ryan Herr Remix)

08 Ritual Revival (Dimond Saints Remix)

09 Koyelia (Gladkill Remix)

10 Vision Fiberoptics (Froogle Remix)

11 Forever Lost Ft. Lafa Taylor (Makhana Remix)

12 Prayer for Rain Ft. Ryan Herr and Lizzy Plotkin (Antandra Remix)

13 Pushing Through The Pavemment Remix Album WAV