Staff Picks: Grimbit Shares Noise Therapy EP

New music from the Scottish electronic producer.

From slow atmospherics to driving glitchcore, emerging electronic producer Grimbit uses Noise Therapy to take listeners on a sick sonic journey. You can cop the Noise Therapy EP here. Before you listen, read up. We talked to Grimbit about space, sound, and electronic’s alien underground.

How did you get into production? What themes are you interesting in exploring in your work?

I'm a bit of a recluse. I'm always making music. I’ve had an interest in music from as long as I can remember. I played bass (badly), tried guitar (badly), and in my early 20s, I started producing (badly). It took some time to get to the stage I’m at now. I’m pretty much self-taught.

My sound is influenced by space and video games. The idea that space is endless fascinates me. We’re so small in comparison to the size of everything in existence. Space is everything else, everything that we’re not.

You described Noise Therapy as a departure from your previous releases. How did you approach this record? What was your process like? What can we expect to hear?

It's more about what I want to make. Before, I was making what I thought people wanted to hear. I was kind of stuck in a loop of making bass music for the hell of it. Now I make music for me, which is super-exciting. I have a small fanbase, and they were divided at first. But the best ones stuck with me.

What’s been your approach to building your audience? What do you see as some of the challenges and opportunities of working independently?

I find these days I’m spending more time promoting my music than I am actually making music. I use Soundcloud a lot -- to listen to other producers, to swap feedback. I use Twitter to get my work out there. I use Facebook to interact with fans. It’s been a long road, but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Working independently is a struggle. I have to do everything myself, which leaves less time for production. But there are loads of cool places that help out.

What artists / musicians / producers inspire you, and why?

My biggest inspiration is Squarepusher. The way he produces and his sound design are second to none. He’s been going for so many years now, and still holds so much relevance in the scene. I enjoy Aphex Twin (because who doesn’t). I respect Deadmau5 for making what he wants, regardless of what people want. It was actually his approach that helped me switch genres and start making what I want.

Your Soundcloud bio lists you as an alien from outer space. Confirm or deny?

I'm actually from Wasp 12b. I had to move because my planet is being destroyed by its own sun; I landed on earth last September. I don’t speak human, so I try to get my emotions across through my music. But if you’re asking because you’re CIA then: "Me, alien? Lol noooo."