Untold Shares Echo In The Valley Deluxe Bundle

An exclusive digital reissue of the acclaimed 2014 album, featuring four unreleased tracks, stems, and more.

Jack Dunning’s work under Untold spans the sprawling evolution of electronic, and foreshadows its future; the bruised echoes of another world. 2014’s Echo in the Valley was a surprise coda to Black Light Spiral; a meditation on texture, harmony, and repetition. Only 100 physical copies (and they were beautiful as hell) were ever made.


Today, in collaboration with Untold, we’re sharing an exclusive reissue of Echo in the Valley. Download the unreleased track “The Trader”, the original album, and “Hobthrush” stems for free. Enter your email to unlock three bonus unreleased tracks — “Hobthrush (Room Mix)”, “Angry Hat”, and “Doff (VIP)”, plus the stems to “Anaconda”.

Untold: Echo in the Valley Deluxe

Instant Download / Stream

00 The Trader [MP3]

01 The Miller [MP3]

02 The Maze [MP3]

03 The Messenger [MP3]

04 The Pageant [MP3]

05 The Guard [MP3]

06 The Idler [MP3]

07 The Innkeeper [MP3]

08 The Curse [MP3]

09 The Gargoyle [MP3]

10 The Water Carrier [MP3]

12 Echo in the Valley: Full Album [WAV]

13 Hobthrush (Room Mix Stems) [WAV]

Email Unlock

01 Hothbrush (Room Mix) [WAV]

02 Angry Hat [WAV]

03 Doff (VIP) [WAV]

04 Anaconda (Samples) [WAV]