Staff Picks: Sun Drug Shares “Soaked” Video + Free EP Bundle

The LA-based quartet premieres new music video and live performance in EP box set.

Sun Drug’s EP cast a powerful spell. Recorded in 2014 under the guidance of musical shaman, Rocco DeLuca, the collection pushes past psych and prog and genre norms, into something wilder: a map (literally) of ruin and renewal. To mark the premiere of their newest video, “Soaked”, the group is sharing a free Bundle including the full EP, a live set, and the “Soaked” and “Wildman” music videos. Download and drop out.




Sun Drug: EP Bundle


Instant Download / Stream


01 Easy In Your Attitude (Audio)

02 Soaked (Audio)

03 Wildman (Audio)


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04 Flash Flood Warning (Audio)

05 John Fante (Audio)

06 Wildman (KHLS Remix) (Audio)

07 Wildman (BitTorrent Exclusive Download) (Video)

08 Soaked (Video)

09 Sun Drug (Live on KX 93.5) Radio Performance (BitTorrent Exclusive) (Audio)