Music Tools For All: Stagelight Launches Mobile Studio Bundle

Open Labs opens up Stagelight music production app for Android and Windows to all creators for FREE with new music and an exclusive soundpack Bundle from Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. 

A better future for music starts with education: giving every emerging voice access to the tools, communities, and classrooms that drive growth. Open Labs’ Stagelight software, now available on Android, is designed to help artists produce their own material, and simply develop their sound: with production tools, sound libraries, and guided lessons.

To mark the release of the free StageLight Android app, we’re partnering with Open Labs to share an exclusive Bundle. Download the Mobile Studio Bundle, and unlock the Stagelight app, plus new content from Open Labs artist Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, including new music, videos, and a soundpack for producers. Grab the Bundle here, and get started on your next track.

One of the most important aspects of Stagelight is that it’s meant to empower people, of any skill level, without having to worry about costs and complexity. And what makes Stagelight unique is that the app will support you all the way into the professional realm. You get to start where you are comfortable and then decide where you go from there. And you start for free.
— Nicholas O'Toole, Director, Business Development, Open Labs


Stagelight: Mobile Music Studio

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald: I Want To Make It With You (Video)

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald: I Will (Video)

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald: I Want To Make It With You (Audio)

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald: I Will (Audio)

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Open Labs Website (HTML)

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