Them&Us Share Chapter 2: The Great Escape EP Bundle

Darkwave pop mythology in the latest installment from Them&Us, out now on BitTorrent Bundle.

Them&Us, a new project from Lee Michael (aka beatbox pioneer Killa Kela) and vocalist Ami Carmine, pioneers a story-driven language for electronic music: equal parts epic fantasy and dark rave. It’s easy to get lost in.

The duo had us at Chapter 1. And their next installment, Chapter 2: The Great Escape, sees them further develop their sound; layering trance with tragedy. Chapter 2 premieres today on BitTorrent Bundle. Stream “Like Poison (Sri Rao Remix)” for free. Unlock the full EP, plus a video and bonus track, for $6.95.



Them&Us | Chapter 2: The Great Escape

Instant Download / Stream

01 Like Poison - Sri Rao Remix (MP3) [Exclusive]


$6.95 Unlock

01 Bipolar Love - Acoustic (Music Video)

02 The Valentinian feat. Rik Mayall (MP3)

03 Can’t Keep Coming Around (MP3)

04 Oh My God (MP3)

05 One Day (MP3)

06 Like Poison (MP3)

07 Can’t Keep Coming Around - James Yeah? Remix (MP3)