The FADER Shares Issue 100 and Digital Archive on BitTorrent Bundle

For 16 years, The FADER has been the definitive voice of emerging music and artist culture. Today, their entire 100-issue archive belongs to fans.

Since 1999, The FADER has documented music’s underground: capturing the art and style of emerging sound; the stories and creators shaping the scenes of tomorrow. Today, it remains the definitive voice of new music: a place in print and online where the art, not the hype, matters; where the driving beat is always, always, forward.

"The FADER's 100th issue is a celebration of music and media, and the people and events that changed everything in the years since The FADER was founded in 1999,” said Naomi Zeichner, editor-in-chief of The FADER.

We’re opening up our archives and offering 16 years of historic music reporting and photography to our fans for free, for the first time.

“Many of The FADER’s issues are hard to find or collector's items that have been sold out for a long time. Through this partnership with BitTorrent, we’re giving longtime readers the chance to finally complete their collection of The FADER. And new readers will get an opportunity to see where the magazine began. Looking back, it’s incredible to see that, as much as the magazine has grown and evolved, the core mission has remained the same: to reveal what’s next in music and culture, and to celebrate the lifestyle around it all. We hope you’ll enjoy reading."

Today marks a celebration of The FADER’s 100th issue. And to do so, we’re sharing an exclusive, 16-year archive of The FADER’s history, spanning all one hundred issues. From Funkmaster Flex (Issue 1) to Drake and Rihanna (Issue 100): it’s a visual, editorial record of emerging music’s evolution. Read up.

The FADER 100

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The FADER 100: Trailer [Video]

The FADER 100: Drake, Rihanna / October/November 2015 [PDF]

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The FADER 100: Issue 001 | How The FADER Started [Video]

The FADER 100: Issue 003 | The FADER Finds Its Voice [Video]

The FADER 100: Issue 020 | Kanye’s First Cover [Video]

The FADER 001: Funkmaster Flex / Summer 1999 [PDF]

The FADER 002: Three Kings: Reverend Run, Zack de la Rocha, DJ Premier / Winter 1999-00 [PDF]

The FADER 003: Beck, D'Angelo, Mos Def / Spring 2000 [PDF]

The FADER 004: Eminem, De La Soul / Summer 2000 [PDF]

The FADER 005: Outkast, Roni Size & Reprazent / Fall 2000 [PDF]

The FADER 006: Sade, Finley Quay / 2001 [PDF]

The FADER 007: Bjork, Erykah Badu / Spring 2001 [PDF]

The FADER 008: Gorillaz / Summer 2001 [PDF]

The FADER 009: The Strokes, Kelis / Fall 2001 [PDF]

The FADER 010: Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye / Winter 2001 [PDF]

The FADER 011: The Neptunes, The White Stripes / Spring 2002 [PDF]

The FADER 012: The Roots, DJ Shadow / Summer 2002 [PDF]

The FADER 013: Wit, UK Garage / Fall 2002 [PDF]

The FADER 014: Vue, Devin The Dude / Winter 2002-03 [PDF]

The FADER 015: The Rapture, The Clash / March/April 2003 [PDF]

The FADER 016: Nas, Yeah, Yeah Yeahs / May/June 2003 [PDF]

The FADER 017: The Mars Volta, The Libertines / July/August 2003 [PDF]

The FADER 018: Outkast, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / September/October 2003 [PDF]

The FADER 019: The Icarus Line, The Bronx / November 2003 [PDF]

The FADER 020: Kanye West, The Stills / December/January 2003-04 [PDF]

The FADER 021: Kurt Cobain, Beanie Sigel / April 2004 [PDF]

The FADER 022: Sleepy Brown, Drive-By Truckers / June 2004 [PDF]

The FADER 023: Beenie Man & Tego Calderon, Rick Rubin / August 2004 [PDF]

The FADER 024: M.I.A., Cam'ron / October 2004 [PDF]

The FADER 025: Mos Def, Conor Oberst / November 2004 [PDF]

The FADER 026: Snoop Dogg, Judy Marte / December 2004 [PDF]

The FADER 027: NORE, Dungen / January/February 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 028: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Eleanor Friedberger / March 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 029: Bloc Party, Kano / April 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 030: Miles Davis / May/June 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 031: The White Stripes, Damian Marley / July/August 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 032: Big Boi + Killer Mike, Lady Sovereign / September 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 033: Maceo, Animal Collective / October/November 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 034: Cat Power, Mannie Fresh / December 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 035: Lupe Fiasco, Jenny Lewis / January/February 2006 [PDF]

The FADER 036: Destroyer, Baby Cham / March 2006 [PDF]

The FADER 037: Ghostface Killah, Love Is All / April 2005 [PDF]

The FADER 038: Nina Simone / May/June 2006 [PDF]

The FADER 039: Rick Ross, Nina Sky / July/August 2006 [PDF]

The FADER 040: Jim James, Young Jeezy, Swizz Beats, Yoshimi / September 2006 [PDF]