Staff Picks: July 2016 Edition

A few of our favorite gems from the past month.


YOU ARE ALL FUCKED is a bizarre, mind-numbing new addition to the Demonbabies legacy. This lo-fi visual trip leads us through a chaotic mash-up of media and textures, burning unforgettable imagery in your mind to the soundtrack of Morricone’s dirty jazz meandering along in the background.

Pretty Lights: Live In Telluride

Last summer, Pretty Lights brought his electronic, genre-bending live performance to the secluded town of Telluride, Colorado. Backed by a full band and next level production, the energy oozing from this 13-track live audio will have you experiencing a true case of FOMO.


REESE is a rapper from Atlanta. Historically known as a breeding ground for innovative Southern hip-hop, the city has morphed into a place known for having no musical or style boundaries - enter REESE. He reached back in time, took a few of our favorite rock songs, and made them his own.

Sara Price: Stadium Super Trucks

Sara Price is a competitor. After winning multiple national titles and X Games medals in motocross, she made the transition to the Stadium SUPER Trucks series and became the first woman to compete in the sport. Sara Price inspired us, and she should inspire you.

Bleecker Street: Captain Fantastic

A man sets out to raise his children as “philosophers and kings” in his own little utopia. Tragedy strikes, and he’s forced to bring his family into the real world earlier than planned. Captain Fantastic was an official selection of Sundance and Cannes film festivals, so check out a few clips from the movie of the summer.

Me2: Steal This Mixtape

Over the course of one month, Josh Young - one half of Flosstradamus - made one beat per day. This project turned into me2, and now its packaged together for us to enjoy at high volumes. Me2 flexes his ability to combine the muscle of trap music with the subtleties of his Chicago DJ roots which creates a high energy uniquely his own. Steal this mixtape below.

Crush Films: Kid Cannabis

Nate Norman is a bit of a legend. He’s the badass entrepreneur we all envision becoming, or wish we knew. Kid Cannabis is the story of this multi-millionaire drug dealing dropout. Get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes through an interview with the film’s director, John Stockwell, as well as trove of photos from the set.

Pizza Slime: Random AF Bundle

This bundle is great - and also random AF. The minds behind Pizza Slime gave us a look into their inspiration - sharing their favorite new artists, Dream Panther and Jeron Braxton, packaged with a smattering of random things that trigger personal inspiration for them, while also gifting us the resources to create our own art. Pizza Slime is for the people.

The Eyeslicer: collective: unconscious sneak peak

An anthology film focused on five individual filmmaker’s dreams, and how they adapt what happens behind each others eyelids for the screen. The full feature isn’t out until August 9th, but these exclusive clips and photos have us ready and yearning for more.