Staff Picks: February 2016 Edition

Everything we had on repeat this month.

Goth Money: Trillionaires - Chopped And Screwed

Since forming in 2013, Goth Money has become maybe the first post-Internet music project: a network of artists who sample, surface, and somehow bring together hip hop subcultures and digital art movements. Last year’s Trillionaires (Break World Records) proved that Goth Money isn’t a genre. It’s a new geography for sound. The only way to follow Trillionaires, maybe, was with a chopped and screwed edition of the album. The record slows, the beats get heavier, the darkness closes in, and things get weird.


JIM JOE: Human Being

On Thursday February 25th, elusive artist Jim Joe released artwork supporting Bernie Sanders and his presidential campaign, a collaboration with photographer Jamie-James Medina. The artwork is being made available as a free download via the website, with full-res print files available via BitTorrent Bundle.


KRNE: Debris EP

The Bay Area producer and Fool’s Gold Records teamed up to share eight original tracks, exploring trap, electronic, and the spaces in between.


Haywyre: Two Fold Pt. II

For Martin Vogt, all music is experience. It’s live, alive, and lived-in. As Haywyre, his raw talent and organic, performance-driven approach to electronic is pulling the genre in new directions. We’d follow him anywhere. And Two Fold Pt 2, out now, is totally and completely otherworldly. Download the Bundle to unlock the 9-track album, art, and exclusive digital booklet.


Qualiatik: Generation Q

Producer, singer/songwriter, visual artist, and neuroscience student Arielle Herman, known as QUALIATIK, has a talent for merging unrelated disciplines in fresh, visually stimulating ways.

In March, she shared a new project: an interactive, labyrinthine gallery.  The game focuses inward on both Herman and the player by, as she puts it, “investigating how we sculpt our identities as we process the mass of information constantly hurtling toward us on the internet.”


Tidus: Soon You’ll Understand

In February, artist, producer and filmmaker, TiDUS, shared an advance release of his otherworldly 7-track EP.  


MUTEMATH: Monument Remix Stems

In 2015, New Orleans alt outfit MUTEMATH dropped Vitals, their first album in four years. There was no label, no management, no producer. Vitals was totally self-made, and it reverberates with urgency and ambition; the sound of a band coming into their own, and owning it.

The synth swells and confessional undertows of Vitals find their anchor in “Monument”: a track about loss, memory, and moving forward. Everyone in the band agrees that Vitals became an album the day they wrote “Monument’. In February, MUTEMATH gave “Monument” over to fans, sharing the stems with producers to remix and reinterpret.


Vincent: HER

2015 was a big year for 20-year old producer Vincent, who racked up millions of listens behind his “Here” remix and December’s menacing, atmospheric, “Only”. In February, he shared his brand new single, “Her”, plus two unreleased remixes.


Brillz: Geekin Remix EP

Brillz’ 2015 Geekin EP was a heavy, high-octane dose of trap bangers. And if by some miracle your speakers survived, well: the producer’s come back to finish them off. In February, Brillz shared 7 new Geekin remixes, featuring new takes from Halfway House, Dabow, Trollphace, JayKode, Lil Texas, Drunken Masters, and Ray Volpe.


Beatport: Production Starter Kit

Everything you need to build your career as a producer, from the good people of Beatport.