BitTorrent Bundle Staff Picks: March 2015 Edition

30 days in 10 essential downloads.

BitTorrent Bundle is a network of the world’s leading creators, and their passionate fans. We started Bundle.Media to share their stories.  

We curate the best of Bundle: from underground music and indie games, to experimental filmmaking (and everything in between). We go behind the scenes, inside the studio, and sometimes off the grid. We annotate the process of making stuff, with words from artists at the creative edge. (We are super lucky.)

Back in January, we decided to highlight some of our favorite projects in a ten-Bundle collection that we’d share more or less around the end of the month. This is our lucky third edition. And it’s a goodie. New projects from Hot Sugar, RATKING, and Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and Drafthouse. To name just a few.

What ends up in our monthly collection is subjective, and often the subject of much debate around here.  What is not up for debate: these ten projects are some of the most awesome downloadable objects on the web. Herewith:

BitTorrent Bundle Staff Picks, March 2015 Edition

Drafthouse / FilmBuff: Spring

The genre-defying festival favorite has been described as equal parts Linklater and Lovecraft. It lives up to the hype. Fans in the US can grab the full film Bundle for $14.99. Fun fact: we set Spring director Justin Benson on fire. You can watch this for free (2nd video in the free playlist).


Kodak To Graph: Isa

Iranian-American producer Kodak To Graph weaves autobiographical tracks out of ambient sound. His debut album, Isa, was released March 10th. This week, we shared a reissue featuring the original tracks, video, art, and a new zine.


Adam Bhala Lough: Hot Sugar’s Cold World

Nick Koenig (aka Hot Sugar) is always listening.  Underneath each song, you can hear the ambient sample: a dollhouse burning, a girl blowing out candles, the air leaving the room. Koenig’s search for sound has taken him around the world and back. Documentary filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough went with him. Unlock the Bundle for an exclusive preview of the upcoming doc Hot Sugar’s Cold World, plus the new track “My Friend’s Ashes”.


Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros: Live In No Particular Order

The indie collective’s debut live album is also a love letter to its fans and co-conspirators, who’ve followed the band on the road, from Australia to the US. Unlock the 21-track digital box set as FLAC's or MP3’s for a minimum $5 pay-what-you-want contribution to the Big Sun Foundation.


RATKING: 700 Fill

In 2014, Harlem underground hip hop crew RATKING dropped So It Goes, their acclaimed debut release on XL Recordings imprint Hot Charity: an exhilarating and reckless lyrical portrait of a maybe-vanishing city; part Vonnegut, part Wu Tang, part Suicide. Fresh off a year on the road, the collective released their 700 Fill mixtape direct to fans as a BitTorrent Bundle.


Kan Wakan: Moving On Remixed

The LA-based ensemble’s brand of moody, orchestral pop music made 2014’s Moving On a must-listen. Grab the exclusive remix Bundle for a compilation of reworked tracks from their debut album, featuring collaborations with Wet, Zikomo, Mark de Clive-Lowe, and more.



On New Year’s Day 2015, electronic music pioneers STS9 played an epic all-improv set from the floor of the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado. For those lucky enough to be there: it was unforgettable. For the rest of us: there’s this. The full live set, plus the group’s entire 2014 live archive.


The Onion: Video Archive

The Onion has been called “a torpedo of truth fired at the submarine of deception”. And some other unmentionable things. Dedicated to tackling the important issues of our age — from hipsters at Applebees to Sony’s new piece of shit thing that doesn’t work — The Onion goes where other reporters won’t. Which is pretty much exactly why they belong here.


Storyman Pictures: Mr M / Tbilisi, I Love You

Tbilisi, I Love You, starring Malcom McDowell, continues the Cities of Love franchise that started with Paris, je t’aime. In this anthology film conceived as a love letter to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, a group of native filmmakers show us a side of the city we may have never seen.


Just Kiddin: Getaway

After releasing their major label debut Thinking About It at the end of last year, UK production duo Just Kiddin have returned with a free two-track EP and a good (much-needed) reminder that summer’s now just around the corner.