Azealia Banks Announces Chasing Time Remix Winner

1.3 million fans download “Chasing Time” stems, but producer Amorphous’ atmospheric track receives the $10K prize.

In November, Azealia Banks released Broke With Expensive Taste. The album was uncompromising, sprawling, and defiantly anti-genre: hip hop refracted through the lens of electronic, art rock, and latin music. It’s not surprising that BWET ended up on the year’s Top Tens. It is remarkable that the album got made, in the way that it did: in conversation and collaboration with fans.

BWET was announced on Twitter, direct to followers. The album’s first single, “Chasing Time”, was the start of an open source project. Banks announced a $10K commission for the best “Chasing Time” remix, as created by fans; using BitTorrent Bundle to share the stems with producers around the world.

More than 1.3 million producers unlocked the multitracks. Nearly 2,000 takes on “Chasing Time” were uploaded to the artist’s Soundcloud lab.

Congratulations to Amorphous for his winning remix; an atmospheric reworking of the original track. Check out the rest of Azealia’s top remixes here.