Bridgit Mendler Breaks Free From Disney & Finds Her Voice With “Atlantis”

Disney is a blessing. Disney is a curse.

Appearing on the house that the mouse built, particularly at a young age, can catapult a person into the homes and hearts of millions overnight. But it can also handcuff an artist to the past, making it that much harder for them to be seen as their own artist and not merely the character they played. 

Bridgit Mendler knows this. Bridgit Mendler is opening a new chapter.  

Best known, for now, for her roles on several Disney programs, including The Wizards of Waverly Placethe singer/songwriter/actress/modern Renaissance woman is now preparing to release a new EP.

Coming three years after her last album, Hello My Name Is…., this new EP will be much more than just a new collection of music. It’s the chronicle of an independent artist finding, and fulfilling, her own artistic vision and truly embracing her heart. 

And now we’re getting our first real look at that vision with the release of her new single, “Atlantis.”

In getting this song to its full expression, I had to ask myself a lot of questions that I haven’t before. ‘Atlantis’ is about knowing that I am capable of finding love, but feeling like it has disappeared like a lost city. I wanted to set a haunting tone to the lyrics because the song captures a very tumultuous and transformative time in my life. This song really takes ownership of that.
— Bridget Mendler

Haunting, expression, transformation, those are the words of a liberated artists. It's a long way from Disney, welcome to the next chapter in Bridgit Mendler's journey. 

The title track “Atlantis,” is live now and the EP is slated to be released as a BitTorrent Bundle on November 14.

The bundle will give fans exclusive access to the entire EP, plus exclusive behind the scenes footage from listening events, audio stems, handwritten lyrics and a lyric video. Bridgit’s second single “Do You Miss Me At All” will premiere October 14 on BitTorrent Now, stay tuned...