LNDN DRGS Deliver A Perfect Summer Release

LNDN DRGS is back for Burnout 2, and it’s jamming. Out on Fool’s Gold Records, the release finds the duo, comprised of Compton rapper Jay Worthy and Vancouver producer Sean House,  in full control, creating a world of west coast gangster rap that feels so good. Sean delivers a landscape full of silky, psychedelic soul samples and throwback synths for Jay to do what he does best - deliver straightforward, honest raps about the life he lives.

Littered with phone-call interludes and appearances from The Batta Ram, Lench Mob OG Dazzie Dee, and Queens’ Meyhem Lauren, Burnout 2 feels like a first person perspective of an LSD-tinged summer afternoon in south LA, complete with the emotional rollercoaster of daily life. Clocking in right under 11 minutes with no breaks, this is a soundtrack meant to be enjoyed with the windows down and not a care in the world. Its hard to turn this up and not think that you’re invincible.

Burnout 2 Tracklist

1. 2 Brand New Phones feat. The Batta Ram
2. Another One feat. Meyhem Lauren
3. Hurt My Hand
4. One Thousand feat. Dazzie Dee
5. Free Throw

The bundle includes Burnout 2, along with the artwork, and the entire Burnout 1 audio and accompanying digital zine. Download it here.