Sporting Life’s Hypnotically Hitting “Slam Dunk Vol. II” EP is Here

The only thing better than cake is more cake, the only better than love is more love, and the other thing better than a Sporting Life Slam Dunk EP is another Slam Dunk EP.

Vol. II of the Ratking/Letter Racer  producer’s media-bending work has now manifested in the world, and just like the first time, it’s more than an EP. It’s a teleportation device that brings together New York hip-hop, basketball and Japanese artist Takehiko Inoue’s cult classic manga series, plus some additional influences unique to Vol. II.

Or, as Sporting Life, described it when we spoke:

I grouped the EPs into like-minded tracks, sonically. This one was more noisy, and I also made a [basketball] jersey with it, so I tried to come up with sounds that would compliment the camo in the jersey.
— Sporting Life

This is music that can soundtrack a neon-filled walk around New York or Tokyo or feel right at home in the wet woods of Vancouver, where EP standout “Court Vision” was created.

During a trip there Sporting linked up with Vancouver native Evy Jane, who he describes as “another X-Man.” The two began riffing openly, trading inspirations while Jane sang through a vocal petal, and the result is the entrancing “Court Vision,” a rare collaboration with a singer for Sporting.

Slam Dunk Vol. II blends together the vibe of places ranging from Harlem to Vancouver, marrying together Japanese manga with east coast hip-hop all through the filter of custom merch. It all adds up to fire music that bumps in the club or in the car, and also provides fertile ground for those looking to dig into Sporting’s creation. The deeper you go, the richer the rewards.

and download Vol. II via BitTorrent Now, and while you’re at it, make sure you’ve got the complete collection and cop Vol. 1, as well as read our interview with Sporting Life.

Slam Dunk Vol. II Tracklist

  1. Court Vision ft. Evy Jane

  2. Skip To My Lou

  3. I Love This Game

  4. Court Vision ft. Evy Jane (Actress Remix)