Bridget Mendler Returns With "Atlantis" Remix by Demo Taped

Bridget Mendler's latest single, "Atlantis," racked up over one million plays in just a few days after its release, but once is never enough. 

Today we’ve got your fix today with a remixed version of the single featuring Kaiydo that comes from 18-year-old producer Demo Taped, a rising star from the UK who has worked with names like Karma Kid, RKCB and, now, the voice behind “Atlantis.”

It’s been an exciting summer for Mendler as the former Disney star firmly trades in her Mickey Mouse ears for the life of an indie artist. “Atlantis” has proven itself to be the perfect transition for Bridgit, a catchy tune that shows that her songwriting skills have developed and she's full embraced a more personal, fearless voice. 

Get the remixed single of “Atlantis” from Demo Taped on BitTorrent Now, which features the the remix's audio plus stems, and stay locked for more from Mendler, including an exclusive interview, as she prepares to unleash her Nemesis EP this November.