Kill That Shout: Welcome to Sporting Life’s "Slam Dunk" EP Vol. 1

I want you to picture Michael Jordan skyrocketing from the free throw line for his iconic dunk, an almost impossible combination of grace and destruction. Now I want you to imagine music that’s simultaneously hazy and hard-hitting, like the flickering of a beautifully aging neon light.

Now add in Japanese manga comics, experimental video, and some exclusive apparel. Hold all of that in your head at once. See it? Hear it? Welcome to Sporting Life’s Slam Dunk EP cycle.

The first project backed by BitTorrent’s Discovery Fund, the Slam Dunk EP series finds New York producer Sporting Life evolving his solo creative range after acclaimed work with RatKing and Wiki by marrying his love of basketball, comics and music into a seamless blend.

Inspired by Takehiko Inoue’s enormously popular comic series, the Slam Dunk EP cycle is a three-volume effort spread out over two months that will encompass instrumentals, remixes, video, and apparel.

In celebration, Sporting Life’s released a new single from Vol. 1, “Kill That Shout” which sounds like a Blake Griffin alley-oop dunk on the moon.  Listen up, and then begin making preparations for the release of Vol. 1 on August 26. This is music built to be shared, pass the rock.



Slam Dunk Vol. I (8/26)

01 Hydrate The Hustle

02 Space Jam Money

03 Kill That Shout

04 Hydrate The Hustle (Galcher Lustwerk Remix)