Staff Picks: Stephen | Sincerely

The LA-based artist’s debut is confession and call-to-arms in equal measure.

Stephen released his first song, “Bullet Train” from his dorm room. 130 million people tuned in. He left school for Los Angeles, and started working: crafting a hyper-personal, genre-agnostic style that gained fast acclaim. Fast forward three years: today, Stephen represents one of indie’s most original emerging voices.

My album is a story of triumph, of letting go of all the uncertainty in my head and learning to walk the path of my own heart. “Sincerely” is about realizing how much better this world would be if we all loved ourselves, if we weren’t afraid of being vulnerable and honest. It doesn’t matter who’s president or what technology we invent or what extremists we destroy, the only thing I know is this: There will never be peace if we do not all love ourselves.
— Stephen

On Sincerely (Halfway House), his debut album, the singer-songwriter’s talents hit you full on: meshing electronic soundscapes with vulnerability and outrage. Part confession, part call-to-arms, Sincerely is the soundtrack for a generation on the run. Listen up.

Stephen: Sincerely


01 Start a Fire

02 Your Life

03 Remembering Myself

04 Line It Up

05 Fly Down

06 Solid as a Stone

07 Solid as a Stone (Outro)

08 Mr. Man

09 Crossfire

10 Sincerely