The highly anticipated follow-up to Caligo is here on his label, Sotto Voce. Pay what you want to unlock it.

UK-based producer Jon Gooch started Spor in 2006; a DnB project that laid the groundwork for electronic’s hard, aggressive edge. In 2015, after a long hiatus, Spor returned with Caligo: a dark, beautiful instant classic; downloaded as a pay-what-you-want project by more than 600,000 fans via BitTorrent Bundle.

BitTorrent represents to me a direct link to the freeform and underground nature of Drum & Bass.
— Spor

Today, Spor is back with Black Eyed: a boundary-pushing 5-track collection, featuring production from Icicle. Phace and vocals from Linguistics. Pay what you want to download the EP.


Spor: Black Eyed EP


Pay-What-You-Want Unlock

01 Mind Of An Insomniac feat. Icicle & Linguistics

02 Know You

03 Woodruff ft. Phace

04 Blurred Vision

05 Figaro